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Technology adds comfort, convenience and protection to your home. We know just how to optimize it all for your unique space.

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& Wifi

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Surveillance Systems

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Video Doorbell Service

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Control  Automation

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In-Home IT Support

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Macbook, iPhone, iPad repair

Home Theater and TV Systems

Don’t fumble around with a bunch of remotes and instruction manuals when the sound stops or the picture is bad. Our technicians create beautiful setups that entertain, engage and are always ready when you want them.

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Landscape Lighting Service

Enhance your home's curb appeal and nighttime ambiance with custom landscape lighting, turning your front and back yard into a mesmerizing nocturnal masterpiece. Beyond aesthetics, strategically placed lights bolster security, illuminating dark corners and deterring potential intruders. Invest in landscape lighting to elevate your property's beauty, increase its value, and ensure a safer environment for your loved ones.

Environmental Controls and Shading

Automated HVAC, lights, ceiling fans, and door locks enhance home efficiency and security. Remote control via mobile devices or voice commands enables energy savings by adjusting settings when the home is unoccupied. Automated locks improve security, allowing remote access and timed locking. Ceiling fans adjust automatically for comfort and energy efficiency, creating a convenient, customizable, and secure living space with reduced energy consumption.


Home Power Solutions

We all know that energy is not cheap. Is your home using energy as efficiently as it should be? We use cutting edge technology to examine your whole home and optimize your energy usage to keep those power bills as low as can be. Your smart home, delivered.

Advanced Wifi and Internet Networking Solutions

  • Elimination of Dead Zones: Advanced WiFi solutions can extend coverage to every corner of a home or property.

  • Network Security: to keep your digital assets protected

  • Smart Home Integration

  • Remote Management

  • Parental Controls

  • Starlink and advanced Wifi Beams

  • Remote Camera intstalls

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