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Office buildings are where the work gets done. The local pub is where the party starts. Both need personalized solutions when it comes to their infrastructure and electronics.  We are the best at keeping the lights and sounds on and the party going.

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& Wifi

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Surveillance Systems

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Video Doorbell Service

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Control  Automation

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In-Home IT Support

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Macbook, iPhone, iPad repair

Office Solutions

Never miss another meeting. Optimized networking and IT solutions are just one of the ways we make every office fully connected and every virtual meeting crystal clear.  Home office and work from home ultimate setup.  No obligation quote available today.


Retail and Dining Tech Solutions

In the bar and restaurant world, guests want intimate, unique and memorable experiences. We help you create a light and sound environment that gets guests talking.  With LED strip lighting, smart audio amplifiers, and remote control from smart phone, management can change the level of lights and audio of your establishment from anywhere in the world.

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